Poetry & Artwork




I have written

until, pens went dry

just to remember

your beautiful eyes


over and over

I see your lovely face

a sweet memory

as I embrace


our favorite place

we once went

I often return

in an instant


try to relive

a beautiful dream

only, to realize

as I scream


we will never

be the same

all my efforts

been in vain


futile endeavors

torture my heart

yet, wanting again

the dream to start

Forever No

As I lie, on a war-tortured beach
Faintly, I feel a comforting relief
Desperate-light, Dawn-peaks
Now-oversees, into-my-reach

For, day abruptly-dawns
The battle, finally! Finally won!
Amazed death, did not stay
On this, far-from-glorious-day!

To gods of light, I curse!
As the darkness, still lurks
Buries faith in my soul
Defining the answer, forever no

Small creatures, of the darkness
Crawl and nibble my torn face
Never to-be-able, to replace
My eye, they-left-no-trace!

Screams so desperate, I project!
I cannot move! Cannot protect!
My-own, tatter, lifeless-body
Cursing the gods, who-horribly-taunt-me!

Angry waves eternally-crash
Sand and sea, I-gasp
Tumble-on, the pelted-shore
Perceiving, take-no-more!

Feel death, like a dream
As my heart, LOUDLY SCREAMS!
OUT! To my lost soul
Defines the answer, FOREVER NO.