About "A Universe of Wonders"



A Universe of Wonders, Studios, Inc. (C-Type) will attempt to set a new bar in: Education, entertainment, innovation, imaginative-eco-friendly/futuristic attractions, virtual and augmented-reality, animation, computer generation, motion pictures, music, good-will, and conservation of the planet. Embraced in an esteemed, educational-aura that presents good messages.

A Universe of Wonders, Wonder Parks will pursue to become a leader in renewable-energy (SEG technology) and water desalinization. With pollution-free, educational/futuristic, extraordinary wonders in a totally self-sufficient manner.

The parks will be built on the water, inter-connected with fast-trains and water transportation systems.

Produce will be grown vertically throughout the park and served in restraurants inside. Hemp will be grown to produce many of the products used and reused within the grounds. Certain animals and birds will be raised for the exquisite dining extravaganza.

Virtual fireworks, smoke, and adventurous journeys, etc. Will be great additions to the festive-atmosphere.

Being education, the arts, entertainment, sports, dining, shopping, and amusement for all ages.

Amusement, of no compare:

An elevator/sling-shot to the Moon. With stops on skydiving pads, etc.

Submarine entrances to underwater exhibits, virtual and augmented excitement.

Floating amusement, X-treme sports, ski slopes, surfing pools, etc.

The latest in high-tech/high-fidelity amusement.

Virtual/Augmented voyages to destinations never seen by the naked eye. Sub-atomic to endless space.

Robotic characters and exhibits that educate in the truth within the Sciences, History, the Arts, discovery,

ethics, morality, and nurturing.

Cinema/Motion Pictures:

Production of an on-going educational series, "A Universe of Wonders".

Basically, self-explanatory. All of Creation. "Take your pick".

A motion picture (Big Screen) Based on "A Universe of Wonders"

All of Creation at our fingers tips, if we pursue then witness the endless wonders our Universe possesses on film

with beautiful art intermingling.

Or, an interpretation of the poetic-verses into animation, music, or acted-out in dramatic, deep-gripping suspenseful portrayals.

Professionals in the sciences, producers, composers, screen-writers, directors, actors, animators, musicians, singers, specialists and tradesmen would BRING IT TO LIFE.

Promotion of movies, music, educational shows, sports events, good-news, good-causes, series that educate our audiences in the truth with history, science, the Arts and music. Ethical and moralistic points will be the focus to educate the world and help improve humanity.

Books/Electronics/Apps, etc.

"A Universe of Wonders" Encyclopedia line, E-Encyclopedia/App, all the known universe descripted on Creation based data. Telling the truth to the world in leau of misconceptions and evolutionary theories.

Travel App: Virtually travel to far-away galaxies or shrink way-down to visit micro-organisms.

Video game: Virtually embark on journeys to anywhere in the universe, learning interesting and informative facts on the endless wonders. Then interact with other players while seeing the seemingly endless wonders our universe possesses. Building civilizations on planets, moons or any habitable body, using the resources found in the environment on those bodies.

A Magazine: "A Universe of Wonders" Science based on Creation tastefully mixed with the Arts.

Clothing-line: children's and adult's all-weather-casual, and formal attire.

Travel and sightseeing/conservation:

A fleet of electric ships, smaller vessels, trains and planes would transport guests and will be an amazing way to travel.

Also, a fleet of electric ships. boats, etc.. would be used for sightseeing purposes and conservation. Allowing first-hand witness to the beautiful wonders our earth possesses.