Giving Back

"A Universe of Wonders Studios, Inc.: will lead the way in keeping it's content educational, ethical, uplifting, exuding family and Christian values.

"A Universe of Wonders Foundation" will lead the way in out-reach and hands-on help for the hungry, homeless, orphan, elderly, poverty-stricken, abused, uneducated, drug addicted/abandoned, mentally ill, and institutionalized people of earth, with: TLC's Tender Loving Care Centers or The Learning Club: set-up in the inner-cities. clean-up the streets one member at a time. With detox(clean-up) spiritual/mental/medical/education and job placement. We will attempt to provide education, water, food, clothing, schools, book donations and also provide Christian outreach to as many places as possible in our world desperately needing these fundamental things in many peoples lives.

If these goals cannot be reached by our foundation. We will give to the right organizations, already in place to do so.

Protect the ecosystem:

Protect the oceans, animals, plants, air. All of nature. For humanity is connected. To keep the planet alive. We will not survive if the earth cannot sustain life.